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About Us

Our Venture began when Charles Eastwood, a retired salesman in his late 70s, asked his friend, Geoffrey Howard, for a copy of his book – Dare to Break Bread. It had been out of print for years.

We were two retired people working very part time. Charles’ health now inhibits him from much involvement, but his work in start-up was magnificent.

Charitable Donations: All of the publisher’s profit and author’s royalty from Wheelbarrow Across the Sahara is given to the UK charity Water For Kids

Our Primary Objective is to bring back into print Christian titles that are no longer viable for mainstream publishers. Using Amazon’s printing services for paperback and Kindle, we hold no stock and are free from the chore of packaging and post.

Our Editorial Policy for Christian titles is Trinitarian – no more, no less. We are prepared to publish works from a wide spectrum of honestly held Trinitarian beliefs.

New Christian Titles form a minor part of our portfolio. We have published them as an act of Christian service, but do not want them to take time from our core objectives.

Secular Titles form another minor part of our portfolio. We publish them for three reasons.

First, to draw attention to works that have an underlying Christian message. An example of this is Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped – Annotated and Illustrated. The two central characters are David Balfour, a lowland Protestant Scot, loyal to the English King George II. The other is Alan Breck Stewart, a Jacobite supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Catholic pretender to the throne. In spite of this, they become friends. This book is a commentary on the question, Who is my neighbour?

Secondly, to help those who have something worthy to say, but no medium in which to say it. An example of this is a booklet called Tape. The authors are two fine art undergraduates who asked us to publish their first year project.

Thirdly, to help with revenue. Low volume sales do not generate much to cover overheads.

Constraints On Our Venture are numerous. In U.K. and within the E.U., titles are bound by copyright for 70 years after the author’s death. Our customers have asked us to republish titles which are still bound by copyright, but where we have been unable to find the copyright holder. An example of this are works by the late Archbishop Michael Ramsey. He died childless and his executor has also died. Neither Lambeth Palace nor Church Commissioners know of his beneficiaries, nor have letters to Church times produced any leads.

Once permissions to publish are acquired, then lack of electronic copies make the job of producing print-ready copy a tedious and labour-intensive job, taking sometimes weeks, for us who have no experience in this field. Low volume sales and tiny turnover requires that every job, including building this web site and designing book covers are done by ourselves, working from home. So, if you contact us, please bear in mind that we may be slow to respond.